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Relationship or Communication Gap

Communication Gap: Why & how? A good communication or relationship turns into bad. There are many reasons for failure or gap in the relationship. Love is a unique thing in our world. Some people do it intentionally and it happens with a single touch, meet by the young generation. Love or relationship is fortunate. The best relationship is supported people to grow up in their life.  Love has their own language if you want to carry your relationship into long-term; you need to communicate with your partner by love language. Love language composed with a sweet voice, slow talking, avoid lie, positive way to represent something, and less anger.

Love language is not only about talking more with each other it is also defined feelings, emotions, and understanding. Less talking or if you unable to provide sufficient time to your love partner can lead to break up your relationship. Love language does not carrying only the particular topic to discuss but also helps to understand each other, emotions, and feelings. If you better understand the feelings and emotions of your partner can lead to a long-term relationship. But I have some experience why the relationship breaks up in the middle of the way.


Talking is not about listening is about feel and give a solution to the problem. More talk is helping to understand each other emotions. More interaction will push you to enter of your partner’s heart. If you avoid your partners call, it can push your partner’s mind to think negative. By a better understanding of each other less talk does not have a single impact.

Won’t understand one another:

While you share something individual, that you are nervous about a little at work and your partner is kind, it constructs faith. Understanding each other is a better way to communicate between the two hearts. Being capable to believe your partner with your sensitivities is an element of having an enormous connection. Understanding also provides you extra power to deal with anything your matter is and it keeps both of you from doubt. Doubt of each other it’s a big issue for relationship.

Showing Much Anger:

Anger is a secondary emotion. Anger is always a defense against feeling susceptible. It is a big reason for the communication gap. Much anger means you are irritated by your partner. Much controlling of anger can lead to a better relationship.


Avoid lying, because lying can lead to break up your relationship. Use true words in your sentence, when your partner can feel proud by your true words.   

Be open about expectations:

In every relationship, there are some expectations. Interact with your partner freely about your expectations.

Try to avoid those bad activities with your partner, if you love much. These activities are very common and real in everyone’s life of a relationship. Try to maintain a positive thinking and undoubtedly do love with your lover.