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Penis Enlargement

Penis Enlargement Reviews

Penis Enlargement

Do you worried about pennies enlargement? Follow my steps I have the natural remedies process for you which can be helpful for your penis enlargement in a short time. Small penis might be uncomfortable to satisfy your partner in sexual life. Small can be hampering your sexual life with some offense. Do not worry now these penis enlargement process is very easy to do in your home without consulting a doctor with free from unwanted side effects.

Step.1: Mix clove oil with olive oil and rub it on the pennies avoid glans pennies, it will help you to increase the penis size.

Step.2: Grind bay-berry with buffalo raw milk and coat it on penis at bed time. Wash the pennies in the morning with lukewarm water.

Step.3: Filter ground seeds of utangan and grind it with water and coat this it on penis twice a day regularly; it makes the penis fat and strong.

Step.4: Shuffle 7 grams oval leaved rose way with the raw milk of buffalo four times and makes light hot. Coat this preparation on the penis and tie a cloth on it at night.

Step.5: Cook winter cherry and saffron, lodh, peepal with shalparni oil. The penis size becomes increase by coating on it on the penis.

Step.6: Make a paste by grinding chiretta, kidney bean, barley and long peppers with water. Coat this it on penis for a better outcome.

Step.7: cook wild eggs plant, cactus root, and sweet flag, winter cherry and asparagus gonoclodus with sesame oil.

Step.8:   Mix musli powder with Ghee and coat it on the pennies, it can makes the pennies strong and big.

Step.9: Grind sugar candy, rock and long peppers with milk thereafter shuffle it. Mix honey in this mixture and coat it on the penis.

Step.10: Mix cactus root, asparagus gonoclodus, Winter cherry, spikrnard and katehali fruits with 4 folds milk or cook with oil.

Step.11: Mix ground asafetida with ghee and apply it on the penis at the bed time. It’s very helpful to increase pennies size.

Step.12: Grind seeds of it with water and coat on the pennies at bed time. Wash the penis with lukewarm water in the morning.

Step.13: Mix ground toasted asafetida with malkangani oil and rub it on the penis twice a day regularly.

Step.14: Mix 10 grams dried leech and scissors with 50 ml milk there after heat it. Rub this preparation on the penis.

Step.15: cook powder of castor seeds with sesame oil and rub it on the penis regularly.

Try these remedies on your own and you can get the result definitely. Might be you are offset on these issue to fix instantly by following my tips. It’s not a big deal to maintain the tips but needs some dedication of yours where these tips can take you to achieve the goal.

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